The newly reopened Athenaeum Spa at Corinthia Palace introduces luxury spa brand ESPA to Malta for the first time.

If you have ever experienced a treatment or product from the luxury beauty brand, ESPA, you will know that it is a very special experience. The marriage of science and nature is both highly effective and deeply relaxing. It is a brand celebrated across the world for good reason.

However, up until this point, you won’t have had the opportunity to enjoy it anywhere in Malta. Now, though, the recently-reimagined Athenaeum Spa in Attard has partnered with ESPA and introduced it to the island.

ESPA is guided by a holistic philosophy that considers one’s overall wellbeing. The products are not only wonderful to use, offering a deeply sensorial experience, but they provide effective and visible benefits for the health and beauty of your skin. Plant extracts, marine ingredients and essential oils are skilfully combined to ensure the products work hard but are also a pleasure to use.

When experienced in a spa environment, ESPA’s products really come into their own. With an individual and holistic approach, the exceptional treatments calm and soothe your mind while ensuring that you leave with even more beautiful skin.

Michelle Reynolds, Spa Director at the Athenaeum, says, “Our partner brand ESPA is world-renowned for experiences that envelop the body, mind and spirit. Our team of professional therapists expertly assess your wants and needs, and tailors each treatment to achieve your wellness goals. Whether you opt for a facial, body treatment or massage, any tension you may hold will melt away under the soulful care of our team.”

For Michelle, the ESPA Optimal Skin Health Facial is a personal favourite and the perfect example of the ESPA effect. Suitable for all skin types, this intelligent treatment leaves your skin deeply nourished and your complexion refined and glowing.

But it is never just about the effect on your skin. For Michelle, “the Optimal Skin Health range is especially attractive for its notes of citrus and white flowers; inhaling the scent while applying the product immediately puts me in a good mood and I know it has the same effect on our clients.

“The opportunity to bring this iconic brand to Malta has been an unmissable one for the team at the Athenaeum and we are very excited to introduce our guests to the powerful benefits of this special brand. We believe that time spent at the spa will remind you once more of the sheer lightness of your own being, bringing you back to your equilibrium, and restoring health and beauty to your skin while ensuring that you too leave in a very good mood. We look forward to welcoming you,”

The Athenaeum opens its doors in 2020 at Corinthia Palace Malta. The Athenaeum exclusively stocks and uses ESPA in Malta.