Malta’s most eagerly-awaited spa and wellness destination will start welcoming guests soon.


The past few months have challenged so much about the lifestyle we know and love. With travel off the agenda, restaurants closed and social distancing in place, most of us have taken comfort in focusing on a future that gives us something to look forward to. A future where we can do the things we love.

For us at Corinthia Palace, reopening Malta’s most iconic spa – the Athenaeum – has been an absolute labour of love. The entire team has ploughed their hearts and souls into planning a space that will give you complete respite from the outside world. It is both state-of-the-art and delightfully familiar. It is an energising and uplifting experience for body and mind, and a serene environment for complete relaxation. It is a place many of you will be returning to but one you will find transformed into an exciting destination that you will love to discover anew.

Leading the team at the Athenaeum is our Spa Director, Michelle Reynolds. Her wealth of knowledge from the international spa world has given her the expertise to craft a wellness experience like no other on the island – or even in the entire Mediterranean region.

Her vision – combined with that of Corinthia Chairman Alfred Pisani and Corinthia Palace General Manager Adrian Attard – has been to create a space that truly reflects the needs of the 21st century luxury traveller. “The Athenaeum soul has been loved by guests for decades, so that still sits very much at the heart of our spa today,” says Michelle “It was a trailblazing space in the 1990s and is now leading the way again by presenting a sense of stillness and tranquility that is so hard to find today.

“And while we have of course faced set-backs because of COVID-19, we are now more determined than ever to launch the reimagined Athenaeum to our guests. It will be the perfect, safe space for them to rest and feel rejuvenated after the challenges of the past few months.

“We look forward to establishing our place among the other fantastic spas within the Corinthia portfolio and to carving our name into the wellness landscape in Malta”.

The Athenaeum will open its doors in 2020 at Corinthia Palace Malta. Further details will follow.