The newly reopened Athenaeum Spa at Corinthia Palace places mindfulness at the centre of its spa experience.

In the midst of a topsy-turvy time, mindfulness is a practise from which we can all benefit. An opportunity to centre, calm the mind, and focus on our thoughts and emotions in a gentle, nurturing environment is much-needed, and it promises a huge host of benefits for our mental and physical health.

The newly reopened Athenaeum Spa at Corinthia Palace celebrates the critical importance of mindfulness and offers guests the chance to take time to achieve this in quietly luxurious surroundings. Indeed, mindfulness and calm are at the very heart of our new spa experience.

Michelle Reynolds, our Spa Director at the Athenaeum, believes that it is the way her team go about their day which sets this special tone. “Our team radiates a feeling of joy and confidence in every aspect of their work,” she says, “from the interaction with our guests to intuitively prioritising their own wellbeing. At the Athenaeum we start our days with a guided meditation, which is led by a different team member every morning, and we then set a shared intention in order to align our energy for the day ahead.”

If mindfulness is at the heart of the Athenaeum Spa, what does that mean for the spa’s innovative new treatments – all of which have been designed in partnership with ESPA? Michelle describes them as “curated to surrender oneself to the sheer lightness of one’s own being”.

In particular, she singles out the ESPA Mindful Massage, “as this treatment takes care of both mental and physical wellbeing. It is a highly personalised treatment that combines breathwork and visualisation techniques, a full body massage that includes work on the metamorphic zones of the feet and a scalp massage with warm rose quartz crystals. The challenges of the last few months will melt away under the soulful care of our highly trained and intuitive team of therapists”.

With the Athenaeum now open, there is simply no other spa in Malta – and perhaps even the Mediterranean – that can provide a better and more mindful route back to wellness and wellbeing. If you are hungry for some time to restore your equilibrium in exquisite surroundings, then a visit to the Athenaeum will feel like a blissful return to your senses.